Rainbow Sunshine...

Rainbow Sunshine...

Finally, it;s a wrap
Tuesday, 5 November 2013 - 11/05/2013
Assalamualaikum, hai korang
Wahhhh lama udah qila tak update blog ni and masa pon memang tak mengizinkan pon. Well, dengan nak menghadap final exam lagi and so memang tak ada masa laaaaa. Finally, 1 November was a final day for qila went to school. Oh silap, it was the first day qila start cuti. Haha memandai je buat cuti sendiri. School i am not gonna miss u ever

But yeah i'll miss my friends

The finals were suck. totally like qwertyuiop but qila tawakal moga the results was great or sepadan dengan usaha yang qila dah buat. Amiin. Next year will be my final year qila bersekolah. Feelings both happy and sad at the same time bcos first kena hadap SPM (which is the biggest things that qila don't wanna to think) and second - i don't know where qila akan sambung belajar. Angan-angan nak belajar overseas but who knows that rezeki qila will belajar at UK. InsyaAllah, Amiin :)
EXO @ Malaysia
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 - 9/11/2013
Assalamualaikum exostan,exotics or whatever that exo fans called themselves. Well, tengok tajuk mesti dah tau yang post kali ni about exo. Yeah as you all may know last weekend exo dijemput ke mtvworldstage live in Malaysia. So my friends and I sepakat nak jumpa exo k dekat airport since our house pon memang dekat sangat dengan airport. Exo M tak dapat jumpa bcos arrival dyerang malam and we all anak dara and masih virgin lagi so bak kata ibu bapa "anak dara tak baik keluar malam" and we as their daughter has to obey. The next day - Sunday a.k.a the day of mtvworldstage, exo k arrived in Malaysia. Qila and the others 3 naik erl turun airport dalam pukul 9.30 memang boleh dikatakan awal sebab semangat nak jumpa dyerang. There stood a friendly exostan macam kiteorang yang tak tau menahu dekat mana dyerang and met another group of exostan. And to my suprise the group aged 14 years old while Qila thought they were the same age as me bcos they tall and yang kelakarnya that group also thought that Qila was the same age as them. hahaha muda jugak aku ni!!!

Overall most exostan are really friendly but some are not. At 11.25 a.m exo were expected to arrive but there is no sign of them. We were just waiting for them at VIP port. Then the moment has arrived. EXO finally showed up dan of course dikerumuni oleh fansite noona. My eyes totally immersed with sehun since he wear yellow shirt that were bright in color. Beakhyun and chanyeol were in the front and since i was a fan of beakyeol qila focus je la dekat dua mamat ni. Berkat izin parents sebelum pergi, qila dapat berjalan sebelah dengan beakhyun and dapat full focus for my fancam tapi qila fancam sekejap je sebab nak jalan dengan beakhyun. Really its worth coming to the airport okayh!!

Well qila dapat make a new friends mostly exostan yang datang situlah. Really beakhyun was just a few footstep from me when we jalan sama-sama and that moments will be remembered all of my life!! Yakusoke (japanese) and it was also the meaningful moment as i thought in my hati "wujud ah exo ni dalam reality" yelah selalunya tengok dyerang dalam kaca tv je =,=
Saturday, 24 August 2013 - 8/24/2013
Assalamualaikum people,
Harini qila pergi open house di rumah kawan qila. Well actually its a boy house and it  first time qila pergi open house which is male friends. Awkward yeah, thats the right word to describe the moments but thanks god, Aiman ada. The boy called 'AO' bukan nama sebenar and he well boleh dikategorikan antara yang ter'hot' in my school and usually korean called it "kkot minam" or in english "flower boy"?? hohoho and AO suka kalau kiteorang panggil dye handsome.

The girls in our school will be totally "auoooo" or fangirling kalau AO lalu and he loved it bcos it makes him more popular and qila was like "awat budak ni perasan sangat??!" Oh yeah lupa nak inform, tadi ganti sekolah, and qila ada english fun camps which is we, all the students who parcitipate this event have to speak in english or otherwise our team will be deducted with 10 points. Thanks god, bcos of that camp qila can speak english with my friends eventhought its a broken english, manglish or rojaklish?? hohoho itu mengarut. The best game is called "hot seat" where we should explain about the things to our leader without doing any action and sound effect. Sadly, qila team didn't win any prize maybe teacher do not have mercy towards our group T.T

last but not least, enjoy the quote 
 みなさん 잘자요, おやすみ


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